Max Fleet

Commercial Assistant
Having joined the team in just his second year of university studies, Max is a tenacious and driven individual, dedicated to making a difference in the world of football. He has previous experience within the commercial and media teams at semi-professional non-league sides, but has since made the jump to working within a professional environment and utilising his passion to create, develop and maintain innovative commercial partnerships for Woking FC.

Max: “I had previously followed Mick’s journey with Oxford City, and as soon as it was announced that he would join Woking, my local club who I have previously been lucky enough to support and witness promotions with in both 2012 and 2019, I just knew that it was the right time for me to become more involved.

It is clear that the ambitions and aspirations of this club are very much long-term, so we are committed to working hard both on and off the pitch, to provide value for our partners and supporters, without either of which Woking Football Club would be nothing.

We must continue to make our fans proud of their beloved team and I simply cannot wait to enjoy the success that this incredible club thoroughly deserves.”