Nick Shaw

A volunteer in the media department for over 10 years, Nick originally joined the team in 2009 to develop a new website for the club and soon started taking on more roles including writing the club's press releases, running the social media channels, and helping with video editing.

Nick won Clubman of the Year in his first season at the club, an award he is very honoured to have been presented whilst on a tour of the local McLaren factory.

He has strived to improve the club's media output each season, with the website receiving many upgrades over the years and the latest version is the biggest upgrade yet. The website has been completely rewritten and redesigned to be mobile-friendly, and there are more features to come.

First and foremost, Nick is a Woking fan, attending his first match in 1996 aged 10, and was hooked instantly and started attending matches regularly. He was diagnosed with M.E./Fibromyalgia in the late 90s and had to stop going to Kingfield due to this, but still kept an eye on the results via Ceefax. Nick started attending matches again in 2006, and got involved with taking photos at matches to begin with before being asked if he would help build a new website as the previous one was costing the club too much money and wasn't user-friendly.

Some of his highlights during his time at the club have been producing promotional videos which are well-received by fans, and overseeing the successful #CardsLive streams of matches during the 2020/21 season, which allowed fans from all over the world to watch matches whilst they were being played behind closed doors.

Nick is always open to suggestions for improvements to the club's media, and can be reached via the contact form on the website or via Twitter.