Laithwaite Independent Financial Advisers

Mick Livesey

Commercial Director
It’s amazing how far passion, kindness and hard work can take you - Mick has all three of these in abundance and he is an innovative relationship builder, experienced leader on commercial, media and business strategies, with the ability to inspire and lead teams.

Mick is passionate about using sport to improve health, education, confidence, employability and inclusion for all in the community of Woking.

Mick: "I am so proud to be part of the team at Woking, this is a really special and exciting time for everyone connected to the club. I want us to deliver for our fans and commercial partners, we need to make sure we deliver for our partners, they have supported us and we need to work hard to retain them, show them we value them greatly and get them a return on their investment. In terms of our amazing fans, we need to improve their matchday experience and give them quality but also value for money.

What does success look like? For me, success is making the club sustainable and ensuring that we support the manager so we can be competitive on the pitch. We can't just achieve this through football, we need to increase existing income streams, but also critically develop new ones, this is something we are working so hard on.

In only such a short space of time, we have already changed so much, we are building rock-solid foundations that will help us achieve our long-term aims and objectives. I believe Woking is the most exciting club in the division and the one with the biggest scope for development. I want to be part of this group that succeeds in delivering the club to the football league, I believe we will achieve this in the coming year's".